Using AI with Marketing? It’s Already Here.

If you like tech, this is such a cool time to be alive.


Data driven metrics are being integrated into software platforms every day. Companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Instagram are accumulating massive amounts of digital data. Every sale, every search and every share is helping computers “learn” about what customers want, why they purchase, and if they don’t purchase how to bring them back to you so they do. The obvious goal – conversion.

In an excerpt from Medium Company, “According to McKinsey & Co, there will be 30 billion connected devices by 2020,  and while not every connected device is an advertising opportunity, every device is a potential source of data that can deepen a brand’s understanding of a consumer’s context, behavior and intent.”

Predictive AI is undoubtedly the key to future marketing success. The ability to share your message, your content to the right customer at the right time will make your marketing campaigns laser focused and infinitely more compelling. The sheer power of machine learning and application extention for you the marketer will give you insights that had never previously been available. Gone are the days of scatter blasting just one message. With the right tools, you’ll be able to use the metrics to help you drill down to individualized customer interactions, and opportunities for conversion on a minute by minute basis.

But don’t worry, AI isn’t going to replace creative anytime soon. While machine learning is great for collecting the tangible facts surrounding the customer experience, it isn’t ready to “feel” the intangibles like sentiment, empathy, or the human connection that people relate to. What AI will do is give you a better understanding of what content is affecting the conversion process and help us, “the humans” to generate creative to match expectations.

4 Ways to Keep Your Content Interesting

Everyone wants to create interesting content to engage with customers but how do you make it compelling enough for them to take action?


Be authentic. Talk about what you know and show customers that you are a source they can count on when it comes to your product or service.

Be relevant.  If you post often but it’s the same old thing, you may be giving customers the impression that you’re not all that interested in having a conversation with followers. Start with following trends in your industry.  Share information that is as up-to-date as possible.  You’ll gain customers trust and become a valuable resource when they have questions or are ready to make a purchase.

Be honest. Let’s face it, the internet if full of tall tales and out right lies. Don’t be that guy. Show customers who you are and live up to it. If a customer has a complaint, respond in a positive manner, remedy whatever the situation and give them a reason to come back and give you another try.

Be consistent. Make a plan to write fresh content and stick with it. Back before the internet, creatives kept something called a “morgue file”. Clipped ads, photography and fine art examples of great design that would serve as inspiration for future projects. Create your own “digital morgue file” and start saving interesting emails about new best practices, stories in the news or a really hot app that would be great for your product. Then get busy writing and pushing your new content.

5 Ways Small Marketing & Design Agencies Rock

  1. We focus completely on marketing and design,  letting you just do you.
  2. On-demand services on a project by project basis are always welcome. You’ll end up happy and become a regular client though, just wait and see.
  3. No overhead. No benefits. No problem. Keep your business lean and grow faster with the money you save in partnering with a small independant marketing agency.
  4. Faster campaign turnaround means more immediate results. The “too many cooks in the kitchen” rule applies here. Keep the team small, consolidate the conversation and get the message out there.
  5. NO inflated EGO’s . Skip the drama and work with designers and marketers that have the talent to deliver. Sure, awards are sweet, but did they generate sales for you?

Peter Theil knows things…

I love YouTube.

It can take you down a rabbit hole of random life hacks, political frenzy and  even useful content.  I particularly love billionaires who tell you how they became successful. Enjoy!


— Video courtesy of Startup Cat who laments all of the “get rich quick” strategists out there. Thank you!